Sleeping rough, staying in emergency hostels or shelters, in temporary bed and breakfast accommodation or with friends or relatives when there’s nowhere else to go. Homelessness is all of these things. This Christmas is set to be the worst-ever for homelessness, as numbers reach the highest on record.


For the first time, more than 10,500 people are living in emergency accommodation in Ireland. The figure of 10,514 men, women and children currently in emergency accommodation has increased by almost 800 people from from the previous year.


For people experiencing homelessness it’s about a lack of security, a lack of belonging and often about being cold, sick and isolated. The current economic climate means more people are at risk of homelessness than ever before, as cut backs in health, education, welfare services and training continue.


The Peter McVerry Trust aims reduce homelessness and the harm caused by drug misuse and social disadvantage. Its vision is an Ireland that supports all those on the margins and upholds their rights to full inclusion in society. Fr Peter McVerry has been working with Dublin’s young homeless for more than 30 years. During this time he has campaigned tirelessly for the rights of these young people.



The Simon Communities throughout Ireland provide the best possible care, accommodation and support for people experiencing homelessness and those at risk. Simon tackles the root causes, promotes innovative responses and urges the government to fulfil their commitments. Simon delivers support and service to over 11,000 individuals and families on an annual basis.